Automotive Industry

The automotive sector has benefited from robotics technology since the mid-1970s and the solutions have become more precise and functional in the production process. The cost-intensive models of the past have given way to more versatile and reliable high-tech robotics. With the development of each new model, robots have gradually become more profitable, and today they pay for themselves faster than ever before.

With rising costs and changeover times, industrial robots must be flexible enough to handle changing formats. No matter the task – welding, foundry operations, laser applications, palletizing, press loading, deburring, turning or assembly, Opus Automation has been the preferred vendor to the automotive industry for over 15 years. Our multi-talented industrial robotic automation systems improve the entire automotive production chain, from operation in press shops, to paint shops, to final assembly. It’s no wonder that our automation systems are considered indispensable in all areas of the automotive industry. Contact Opus Automation today to discover how we can help you and your automotive manufacturing needs!

In addition to the automotive industry, Opus Automation also services the following sectors:

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