Machine Tending

Machine tending can be repetitive and intensive work that is best suited for the efficiency and consistency of a robotic automation solution. Industrial robots are utilized to pick product from a supply position, transport it to a machine, position it, and then interact with the machine. Opus Automations customized end of arm tool designs allow our unique machine tending systems to handle parts in a wide range of positions and orientations with extreme precision. From items as small as a straight pin, to as large as a refrigerator, our systems will provide you the best machine tending results the industry has to offer. Some of the benefits of a machine tending system from Opus Automation include:

  • Increased speed
  • Improved quality of production
  • Minimized errors
  • Improved ergonomic conditions
  • Repeatable accuracy and correct product placement
  • Lower overhead cost compared to conventional, manual machine tending
  • 24/7 machine tending capabilities

Besides machine tending systems, Opus Automation also offers the following automation systems solutions:

For applications such as CNC milling and turning, grinding, injection molding, stamping, punching, trimming or welding and brazing, our machine tending systems are custom designed and manufactured to suit your needs. We also provide custom accessories such as vision inspection, barcode verification and product labeling in order to optimize your machine tending system. At Opus Automation, we take great pride in providing outstanding customer service and support, so please contact us today with any questions or concerns regarding our machine tending systems that you may have!

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