Industrial Robotic Automation – Columbus, Ohio

Opus Automation is a solutions-oriented industrial robotic automation design firm, specializing over the last 15 years in distribution, warehousing and manufacturing applications for various companies in Columbus, Ohio. Opus Automation depends on many partnerships in the industry to ensure our customers superior products and services within the industrial robotic automation market. Some of the valued industrial robots partners we work with are KUKA Robotics, ABB Robotics and Yaskawa Motoman. Opus Automation doesn’t just sell industrial robots in Columbus, Ohio – we develop, engineer, manufacture and install industrial robotic automation solutions. We also provide project management and technical support for all of our automation solutions technology. We have designed and built industrial robotics solutions for a number of clients in the food and beverage, and cosmetics and personal care sectors. In order to assure our customers in Columbus, Ohio dependable efficiency and long-lasting value of the automation systems we develop and install, we offer client service and support that is unsurpassed in the industrial robots industry. Our sophisticated plant in Ancaster, Ontario employs a number of talented individuals who strive to endlessly satisfy our clients every industrial robotic solution need.

Opus Automation specializes in a diverse range of industrial robotics solutions:

  • Pick And Place
  • Palletizing
  • Robotic Case Packing
  • Machine Tending

We offer a diverse range of industrial robots solutions for use in the following sectors:

  • Cosmetics And Personal Care
  • Automotive
  • Plastics And Glass
  • Food And Beverage

Within the range of Opus Automations industrial robots palletizing solutions, our expertise extends from the development of case palletizing cells to the installation of bag depalletizing systems in Columbus, Ohio. Our robotic case packing systems are suitable for a wide range of product types and sizes, in any industry that requires an industrial robotic automation solution. In order to eliminate the tedious and time-draining labour involved in machine tending, Opus Automation expertly designs and installs industrial robotic automation solutions in Columbus, Ohio, for applications including but not limited to welding and brazing. Faster processing speeds and increased production rates are just two of the many benefits of incorporating an Opus Automation pick and place industrial robots system into your operation. Our industrial robots automation systems provide solutions for a large number of challenging manufacturing, warehousing and distribution processes in Columbus, Ohio and nearby Ostrander, Ashville, Rosedale and Appleton. To explore how we can assist your company in further improving its operations, contact Opus Automation and ask us about our industrial robots automation systems solutions!

Columbus facts and figures:

  • In 1964, Ohio native Geraldine Fredritz Mock became the first woman to fly around the world, leaving from Columbus and piloting the Spirit of Columbus
  • Columbus is bordered by Cleveland to the north, Pittsburgh to the east, and Indianapolis and Cincinnati to the west
  • Columbus is home to one of the most competitive intercollegiate football programs in the U.S., the Ohio State Buckeyes of the Ohio State University

Columbus’ neighbours :

  • Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Ostrander, Rosedale, Ashville, Appleton, London, Lancaster
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