General Industrial

Opus Automation offers a wide range of industrial robotic automation systems for a number of different general industrial applications. From assembly, production, packaging, labeling, material handling, and product inspection and testing, our customized solutions provide high endurance, speed and precision. Our automation systems integrate industrial robots from the world’s leading robotics manufacturers, all of which use a variety of defining parameters in their design. Opus Automation services all types of industries:

  • Electrical and electronics manufacturing
  • Foundry and forging
  • Metal fabrication
  • Welding and brazing
  • Energy
  • Industrial equipment
  • Healthcare
  • Telecommunication
  • Aviation, aerospace and satellite technology
  • Performance and innovative materials
  • Coatings and colour technologies
  • Agriculture
  • Safety
  • Commercial and consumer products
  • Construction and building supplies
  • Transportation and logistics
  • Commercial, marine and recreational vehicles

We also specialize in the automotive, plastics and glass, food and beverage, and personal care manufacturing sectors. For more information on how we can service you, please contact Opus Automation; our experienced and customer service driven team will gladly assist you with any needs you may have!

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