Robotic Case Packing

Designed for speed, agility and versatility, robotic case packing from Opus Automation is a custom robotic solution designed with your needs in mind. Our complete range of robot loading arms and lightweight gripping tools reduces labor and increases productivity. With our collective experience, we can handle your product better than anyone. We can customize and create a robotic case packing system for you that fits into even the most limited of spaces. Our robotic case packing systems are highly functional and built focused on user-friendliness. Some of the advantages of choosing Opus Automation robotic case packing systems are:

  • Agility to facilitate multiple products, packaging styles, and rapid, repeatable changeover
  • Designed to integrate with existing packing systems
  • Designed to exceed various industries strict requirements for safety and sanitization
  • Reduced labor and increased productivity

In addition to robotic case packing systems, Opus Automation offers these additional automation systems solutions:

At Opus Automation, our robotic case packing systems can accommodate an extensive range of product types and sizes. From the very smallest to the largest products that are wrapped, bagged, pouched, cartoned, or in chub packs, our robotic case packing systems will meet your requirements. Please contact Opus Automation today, to find out how we can help you with your robotic case packing needs. Our experienced and professional staff will help you with any questions or concerns you may have!

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