Palletizing Bagged Products

At Opus Automation, our industrial robotics bag palletizing and depalletizing systems use custom end-of-arm tooling which will ensure that your bagged products are palletized or depalletized consistently through each and every cycle. Automated belt conveyors allow for bags to be positioned in proper orientation, while precision row placement reduces bag contact. Our integrated vision cameras ensure that your bagged products are palletized and depalletized with pinpoint accuracy. Scale weighing systems, labels, and marking systems are some of the other options that can be incorporated into your Opus Automation bag palletizing or depalletizing system. The many advantages of applying our bag palletizing or depalletizing systems to your operation are:

  • Reduction in work place injuries and absences
  • User-friendly
  • Labour cost reduction
  • Low maintenance, and highly reliable
  • Lower cycle times
  • Easily integrated into upstream / downstream equipment
  • Product changeover that is more efficient
  • Multiple bag orientations
  • Bag handling with precision care to reduce product damage

Our automated bag palletizing and depalletizing systems have the shortest time cycles in the automation systems industry, which guarantees increased production rate. With between 4 to 6 axes, a long arm for greater reach, and multiple end-effecters that accommodate a diverse range of products, our automated bag palletizing and depalletizing systems are the premier choice for your bagged products. Please contact Opus Automation today to inquire about our robotic bag palletizing and depallitizing systems, and don’t forget about the wide variety of other automation systems we have to offer:

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